Palm Sunday was the peak of Jesus’ popularity. People were shouting for God’s glory and waving palm branches as he rode into Jerusalem. It was a ticker tape parade in honor of this leader, Jesus. It was practically a coronation by popular demand.

But, within days, Jesus infuriated the religious leaders, perplexed the Roman authorities and alienated these well wishers who ultimately stopped shouting ‘Hosanna’ and began yelling ‘crucify’.

How can the same crowd that praised Jesus become the crowd that rejected him?

The answer is simple…Jesus didn’t live up to their expectations. They expected him to establish an earthly kingdom, but Jesus came to establish a Heavenly Kingdom. They expected a warrior-king but they found a servant-king. They wanted temporary freedom but Jesus came to give them eternal freedom.

We’re not much different from the crowd that greeted Jesus on Palm Sunday. We all have expectations from God…and sometimes He doesn’t meet those expectations.

It will test our faith when God doesn’t meet our expectations. But before we turn our backs on him, we should pause and ask why God didn’t meet our expectations. It probably means that what He has chosen for us is better than what we would choose for ourselves.

3 thoughts on “Failed Expectations

    1. Thanks, Steve. I’m grateful God doesn’t always work in the ways I expect Him to. My ways tend to be shortsighted and small.


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