Leadership in 140 Characters

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May 20, 2013 by eric echols

Here are the top 10 most clicked and re-tweeted leadership post from my twitter feed this week. These posts deal with creativity, productivity, and qualities of effective church leaders. Enjoy!

  1. Disciple Making by Ed Stetzer
  2. How To Reach Unchurched People Who Don’t Think They Need God by Carey Nieuwhof
  3. Why Productive People Have Empty Schedules by Drake Baer
  4. Everything I Learned About Collaborative Leadership by Linda Freeman
  5. The Complete List of Reasons Leaders Fail by Dan Rockwell
  6. 5 Ways to Jump Start Creativity by Mark Batterson
  7. 5 Things You Can Do Today To Make Yourself More Creative & Productive Tomorrow by Jillian Goodman
  8. What Is Organizational Culture? And Why Should We Care? by Michael Watkins
  9. 20 Things You Need To Stop Doing… Right Now! by Scott Williams
  10. 10 Things I’d Do If I Were Raising a Daughter Today & 10 Things I’d Do If I Were Raising a Son Today by Ron Edmondson

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