Here are the top 10 most clicked and re-tweeted leadership post from my twitter feed this week. This week’s top posts are focused a lot around young leaders. Enjoy!

  1. 10 Things Volunteers Wished Their Pastor Knew About Them by Brian Dodd
  2. 7 Secrets To Becoming Far More Productive With Your Time by Carey Nieuwhof
  3. How To Build An Intergenerational Church by Scott Cochrane
  4. 5 Churchy Phrases That Are Scaring Off Millennials by David Murray
  5. Church, Make Room For Young Leaders by David Mathis
  6. From Team Building To Team Bonding by Julie Winkle Giulioni
  7. Do You Have a Bias Toward Action? By Eric Geiger
  8. Learning To Expect Great Things by Scott Williams
  9. 7 Unique Abilities of Good Leaders by Ron Edmondson
  10. 10 Ways to Connect With Young Adults Besides Changing The Music by Troy Page

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