Faith Is Our Victory

Gideon is an unlikely hero that God transform from a fearful coward to a fearless "mighty man of valor".  The reality is that we will either be overcome because of our fear OR over-comers because of our faith. In Judges 7, we learn that God loves to work in the realm of the impossible. God will often … Continue reading Faith Is Our Victory

Open Handed Generosity

One of the greatest miracles Jesus ever performed is found in Mark 6:34-44. It's the feeding of the 5000. There are so many lessons in this story…we see the deity of Jesus on full display, we see the compassion of Jesus on the crowd, we see Jesus as the Good Shepherd meeting both spiritual & physical needs of seekers. But there’s … Continue reading Open Handed Generosity

God’s Love Endures Forever

Psalm 136 is a great reminder that God’s endures forever. No matter what you face, no matter the trials you encounter...God’s love endures forever. In victory & in defeat...God’s love endures forever. Worship Him, express gratitude for Him, give thanks to Him, rejoice in Him...because His love endures forever. Give thanks to the God of … Continue reading God’s Love Endures Forever