Be Like Jesus

As Jesus’ disciples, we are called to WALK like Jesus, THINK like Jesus, ACT like Jesus…in other words we are called to BE like Jesus. It is clear in Scripture that our biblical mandate is to imitate Christ. Here’s what Apostle Paul said about our call to be like Jesus… Romans 8:29 For those whom … Continue reading Be Like Jesus

Hard Work of Reconciliation

The book of Philemon is the shortest letter written by Paul. It is a personal letter that Paul wrote to his friend, Philemon. The letter was written to reconcile the broken relationship between Philemon and Onesimus and it serves as a handbook on reconciliation. The reality is that if we want deep, lasting, and meaningful … Continue reading Hard Work of Reconciliation

Discipleship Requires A Cross

The only way to follow Jesus is to die to yourself everyday.I wish there was an easier way. Instead of giving up the life I have...wouldn't it be nice to simply add Jesus to my existing life? But Jesus doesn't give that as an option. Following Jesus requires a cross. Jesus says the only way to … Continue reading Discipleship Requires A Cross

The Greatest Question

The greatest question any of us will ever be asked is "Who is Jesus?" It's a question that has to be settled by every individual: male or female, young or old, rich or poor. It's a question you cannot avoid or put off because it holds eternity in its hand. It's the question Jesus asked … Continue reading The Greatest Question