#5 – 3 Ways To Nurture Your Daughter’s Heart

Today my daughter celebrates her 10th birthday. It’s hard to believe my baby girl has entered into double digits. If you were like me, I was overcome with an intense fear of the unknown the moment I realized I was going to have a daughter. Here was my problem…I had spent my entire life learning … Continue reading #5 – 3 Ways To Nurture Your Daughter’s Heart

Celebrating 5 Years of Adoption

On April 1, 2008 our family experienced the joy and privilege of adoption first hand. Our daughter didn't arrive the natural way with hospitals, doctors, and labor pains. Instead, Emma entered into our family through foster homes, social workers, and long international flights. However, the desire to adopt a child didn't begin when we first … Continue reading Celebrating 5 Years of Adoption

8 Adoption Facts

Adoption is the heart of the gospel. Itʼs about our identity and inheritance through our adoption in Christ. But adoption is also our mission. Itʼs about joining Jesus as an advocate for the poor, marginalized, forsaken, and fatherless. Take a minute and watch this video from Adoption Journey. As followers of Jesus, we should be on … Continue reading 8 Adoption Facts