God has a dream for you [Quote]

You were given life because God had a dream for you. Individually, specifically, by name. You were no accident. God willed you into existence, and He not only gave you life, but He also invested you with promise and potential. Within you is the opportunity to join with God in fulfilling the great adventure birthed … Continue reading God has a dream for you [Quote]

Love & Justice [Quote]

Love without justice degenerates into anarchy. Justice without love becomes tyranny (as in Marxist regimes). Love and justice must be united in the divine holiness, the ultimate criterion for moral and social endeavor…Justice must be related not only to love but also to piety, which is the sense of God's holiness. We should therefore be … Continue reading Love & Justice [Quote]

For the Gospel to Stay the Same It has to Change

“Water is a liquid that fills the shape of any receptacle. As long as we trust the water and don’t tamper with the recipe—don’t dilute it, thicken it, or separate its ingredients—the content can remain the same while containers change… I am a virtual fundamentalist about content. I am a virtual libertarian about containers. Only … Continue reading For the Gospel to Stay the Same It has to Change