You Can’t Stay Where You Are And Go With God

"Once you come to believe God, you demonstrate your faith by what you do. Some action is required…. You cannot continue life as usual or stay where you are, and go with God at the same time…. To go from your ways, thoughts, and purposes to God’s will always requires a major adjustment. God may … Continue reading You Can’t Stay Where You Are And Go With God

Missing the Point of the Bible [Quote]

We often read the Bible as if it were fundamentally about us: our improvement, our life, our triumph, our victory, our faith, our holiness, our godliness. We treat it like a book of timeless principles that will give us our best life now if we simply apply those principles. We treat it, in other words, … Continue reading Missing the Point of the Bible [Quote]

Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch [Quote]

“Culture—not vision or strategy—is the most powerful factor in any organization. It determines the receptivity of staff and volunteers to new ideas, unleashes or dampens creativity, builds or erodes enthusiasm, and creates a sense of pride or deep discouragement about working or being involved there. The fact is, culture eats strategy for lunch. You can … Continue reading Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch [Quote]

A Healthy, Vibrant Church [Quote]

"The argument raging over attractional church or missional church is valuable for us but may not be the whole story. We’ve seen purpose-driven, power-driven, culture-driven, and seeker-driven movements evolve, and while they all have something very good to say about how church should be done, we may have missed this fundamental and foundational principle that … Continue reading A Healthy, Vibrant Church [Quote]