Category: Spiritual Life

  • A Proven Strategy to Partner with Parents

    We would all agree that parents and the church play a significant role in the spiritual development of the next generation. Scripture is clear that the parents are the primary spiritual developers of their children. It is also clear that the body […]

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  • Building Blocks of a Successful Children’s Ministry

    Growing up my dad was a contractor, so I have been around construction sites my entire life. One thing my dad always taught me was that the success of the building was determined by its foundation. The same principle applies to building […]

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  • Is Good Friday really “good”?

    Good Friday…it seems like such a paradox to call the day Jesus died on the cross “good.” What’s so “good” about the day that the sinless one was put to death by the most sinister mode of execution? Why is Good Friday “good”? […]

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