Forget the Resolutions (Repost)

I’ve never been one for making New Year’s Resolutions. It seems pointless to wait until January to choose a couple of things that you either want to start doing or stop doing to improve your life. Yet each January about 50% of the population make New Year’s resolutions and nearly 90% of those resolutions are … Continue reading Forget the Resolutions (Repost)

2013 Ministry Trends

Ministry is constantly changing and shifting. As culture changes the local church must adjust and adapt its methodology to remain effective. Recently, I found this infograph from Rich Birch outlining cultural changes that will effect the church in 2013. Rich serves as the Operations Pastor at Liquid Church and writes about the local church at UnSeminary. How do you … Continue reading 2013 Ministry Trends

Leadership in 140 Characters

Here are some of the top leadership articles I posted to twitter this week. Because leaders are leaners, I pray you gain as much insight as I did. Enjoy: What Is Influence? Attracting Leaders For Your Team Let’s Stop Blaming God For Our Failures 3 Leadership Outcomes #1 Skill Needed for Deeper Passion in Marriage … Continue reading Leadership in 140 Characters

5 ways to pass the baton of faith to our kids

If you’re like me, you’ve been staying up far too late and watching the London Olympics. I particularly love watching the 4x100 relay. The exchange of the baton in these races is crucial to the team’s success. Missing the exchange can cause a team to slow down or, in some cases, be disqualified. Miss the … Continue reading 5 ways to pass the baton of faith to our kids

Necessary Endings

You can't have a great new beginning without a necessary ending. We all have things in life that just aren't working, whether it's a relationship, a job, or a project...knowing when and how to let go is essential to our success. Without the ability to ends things we stay stuck - never becoming who they are … Continue reading Necessary Endings