Productive Conflict

"Productive conflict" seems like an oxymoron to most teams. If you’re anything like me, the words “productive” and “conflict” don’t seem like they should even be in the same sentence, unless, of course, that sentence reads something like: “Conflict is not productive.” But think about it, all great relationships...the ones that last for the long … Continue reading Productive Conflict

That’s Quotable – John Piper

John Piper wrote Brothers, We Are Not Professionals over a decade ago. Recently an updated and expanded version of the book was released but the message to pastors is the same…that pastors are being killed by the professionalizing of the pastoral ministry. Here are some quotes from the book that explain his point. “What is … Continue reading That’s Quotable – John Piper

Leadership in 140 Characters

Here are the most clicked and re-tweeted post from my twitter feed this week. All of my top posts deal with creating a healthy culture. An organizations culture is it’s strongest force; it is what holds vision, strategy, values, and mission in place. Culture is the personality of any organization. Healthy cultures don’t just happen. … Continue reading Leadership in 140 Characters

Leadership in 140 Characters

Here are the top leadership articles I posted to twitter this week. Many of these articles are focused on ministry leaders but the principles apply no matter where you lead. Don’t miss out on learning from these powerful lessons. Enjoy! Are You Scaring Off Your First-Time Guests? by Tim Peters Why Our Best Volunteers & … Continue reading Leadership in 140 Characters