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  • Pass The Baton of Faith To Our Kids

    If you’re like me, every four years, you stay up far too late watching the Summer Olympics. I particularly love watching the 4×100 relay. The exchange of the baton in these races is crucial to the team’s success. Missing the exchange can […]

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  • Who are you investing in?

    Who are you investing in? As church leaders, we often define our success by the crowds we attract. We long to impact as many people as possible. We desire to lead the largest ministry in town. We are energized by a packed […]

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  • Influence and Leadership Without the Spotlight

    Often times we think that the most influential people are the ones in the spotlight. We have this idea that leadership is reserved for CEOs, Senators, or perhaps Megachurch Pastors. After all, how can you have significant influence and leadership while remaining […]

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