Cultivating a Volunteer Culture – The WHY

Volunteers are the lifeblood of a healthy church. A thriving church heavily relies on the commitment of volunteers who generously offer their time, skills, and effort to uphold the church's mission and values. Creating a volunteer culture within the church is not only essential for the smooth functioning of various ministries but also vital for fostering … Continue reading Cultivating a Volunteer Culture – The WHY

Overcoming The Summer Volunteer Slump

Developing a strategy to overcome the summer volunteer slump requires proactive planning and creative approaches. As the warm weather and vacation season approaches, many churchgoers and faithful volunteers find their schedules filled with travel, family commitments, or simply the desire to take a break from their regular routines. This decline in volunteer availability can pose … Continue reading Overcoming The Summer Volunteer Slump

Becoming A Confident Leader

If 2020 has taught us anything it's that leading through a pandemic is HARD! Most of us started 2020 with all the hope and promise of a new year. We had confidence in our plans and confidence in our ability to lead our churches, businesses, and organizations to accomplish those plans. Then COVID-19 hit and … Continue reading Becoming A Confident Leader

Outdated Leadership Practices

It's often been said that organizations don't fail, leaders do. And the reality is that as leaders we all have gaps. If our organizations, churches, and businesses are going to last the test of time and have the ability grow, develop, and change...we have to shift from the old paradigm of leadership to the new. I … Continue reading Outdated Leadership Practices

How do you measure success in ministry?

I have a confession to make...I like crowds. The bigger the better. I love the energy of a crowded room. There's nothing like looking across the sea of faces in the worship center at our church on Sunday morning when the room is jam-packed. I have a feeling I'm not the only leader that feels this … Continue reading How do you measure success in ministry?