Are Your Policies Killing Your Team?

Rules, policies, and many procedures are often just a scapegoat for real leadership. They are often an attempt to “fix” something we’d rather avoid. It’s easier to create a blanket policy for your entire team then have a difficult conversation with an individual team member. But the truth is, there's nothing more ridiculous than when … Continue reading Are Your Policies Killing Your Team?

A Leaders Most Selfish Behavior

I believe the most selfish behavior a leader can exhibit is a refusal to reproduce themselves. I learned how selfish a leader I was at my very first church. I was serving as the Associate Pastor at a small church, overseeing the children’s and student ministries. I was young, idealistic, and enthusiastic…and thought I could … Continue reading A Leaders Most Selfish Behavior

Leadership in 140 Characters

Here are the most clicked and re-tweeted post from my twitter feed this week. Check out these articles and allow them to grow you as a leader. Enjoy! 7 Tips for Building Strong Relationships with Children by Ron Edmondson 6 Indicators You’re Leading An Insider Focused Church by Paul Alexander 6 High Impact Tips for … Continue reading Leadership in 140 Characters

Are You A Boss or A Leader?

This picture is worth a thousand words. It got me thinking about the differences between bosses and leaders. While most leaders are also bosses, not every boss is a leader. Here are a few of my thoughts on how to differentiate between the two: Leaders inspire; Bosses mandate. Leaders serve the team; Bosses are served … Continue reading Are You A Boss or A Leader?