When Our Children Rebel

One of the reading plans I’m working through on Youversion.com is a daily devotional on parenting written by Parenting By Design. Here are some great thoughts and encouragement for parents when our children rebel. And the truth is that all of our kids will rebel against us in one way or another. “Do you ever … Continue reading When Our Children Rebel

Lead Your Family First

Do you ever find yourself playing with your kids but thinking about work? I know I have. As a pastor, there have been times when I’ve been so preoccupied with thinking about the church that I’ve missed out on golden opportunities with my family. Apparently, many pastors feel like the ministry is getting in the … Continue reading Lead Your Family First

Celebrating 5 Years of Adoption

On April 1, 2008 our family experienced the joy and privilege of adoption first hand. Our daughter didn't arrive the natural way with hospitals, doctors, and labor pains. Instead, Emma entered into our family through foster homes, social workers, and long international flights. However, the desire to adopt a child didn't begin when we first … Continue reading Celebrating 5 Years of Adoption

What Every Parent Wants

Influence…every parent wants to have influence with their kids. But how? Think about someone who influenced you over the years. It may be someone you admired…someone you looked up to…someone you listened to. Now, with that person in mind, think about one quality that gave them influence in your life. Why did you listen to … Continue reading What Every Parent Wants