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  • How to Have Courage in the Storm

    How to Have Courage in the Storm

    Four spiritual anchors give us courage in life’s storms: God’s presence, our identity as God’s children, aligning with God’s will, & trusting God’s sovereignty.

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  • Remembering Our First Love

    Remembering Our First Love

    The Ephesian church, praised for its hard work and correct beliefs, was rebuked by Jesus for losing its passionate devotion, its first love for Christ. For contemporary Christians, regaining this fervor requires remembering their initial encounter with Jesus, repenting for letting distractions dampen their ardor, and returning to early practices of faith to rekindle their…

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  • Know Jesus: It’s Not that He Gets Us But That We Get Him

    Know Jesus: It’s Not that He Gets Us But That We Get Him

    The controversial “He Gets Us” ad campaign that aired during the Super Bowl has sparked a lot of debate this week. These commercials began in 2022 with the goal of helping people know Jesus by connecting Him to modern-day issues. The “He […]

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Eric Echols is the Lead Pastor of Freedom Bible Church in Evans, GA. He is passionate about helping people become disciples of Jesus and leading them to fulfill their God-given calling to become reproducing disciple-makers. Eric uses his relational style as a communicator to encourage people to grow closer to Christ. Eric loves being outdoors, reading books, having a good cup of coffee, and college football (especially the Georgia Bulldogs).