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The Book of Revelation

Revelation is one of the Bible’s most controversial books—but many miss its life-giving message. Perhaps you’ve avoided Revelation, but this series will open your eyes to its real message of enduring faith no matter what’s going on around you. Don’t let fear hold you back—discover the profound truths that await in this powerful and transformative series.

The Book of Acts

The Book of Acts was written to provide a history of the early church. The Book of Acts records how the apostles served as witnesses of Christ in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and beyond. The Book of Acts shows that by empowering ordinary people through His Spirit, God can work wonders through them. It portrays how a group of unremarkable individuals, including fishermen and tax collectors, were utilized by God to change the world in a remarkable way.

One Story

Understanding the big picture of God’s Story can help all the little stories make more sense. When we understand the single storyline of the Bible from beginning to end, Scripture comes alive. By knowing the Bible’s ONE STORY … all the numerous pages with all the different characters, events, and places will no longer be a cause for intimidation but rather a call for exploration.

Galatians: Freedom Through Christ

Galatians is one of the most powerful books in the New Testament. Paul wrote the Book of Galatians to Christians who were tempted to add good works to the gospel. In this series, you’ll discover the freedom and victory we have in Jesus, the dangers of legalism, the fruits of the Spirit, and the tremendous promise of God through Christ.

Joseph: Living The Dream

This teaching series walks through the life of Joseph in Genesis 37-50. Joseph is probably one of the most lovable characters in the Old Testament. His story reads like a prime-time special! Jealousy, sibling rivalry, murder plot, betrayal, suffering, deepening despair, apparent deliverance that does not come, all followed by a dramatic turn of events and triumphant ascension. And all that before reunion and restoration! Hollywood wishes it could write stories like that.
Joseph’s story, like every story in the Bible, is part of the broader redemptive narrative designed to cause us to recognize the glory of our great God.

The Book of Mark

Mark’s Gospel is a fast-paced narrative focusing on the person and work of Jesus Christ. Over and over, this book pushes the reader to action as it forces us to examine Jesus and His purpose on earth, and moves us to evaluate our own relationship with Him and our purpose as His disciples here on earth. You can view the entire series via the link below.

The Book of Habakkuk

Week 1 – When God Doesn’t Make Sense

The Life of Gideon

Gideon, part 1 – Judges 6
Gideon, part 2 – Judges 7

Welcome Home Sermon Series

1 – We Need Each Other

2 – You’ve Got One Job

3 – Radical Generosity

Disciples Not Converts

1 – Fan or Follower?

2 – Transformed

3 – Our Mission: Make Disciples

4 – Disciples That Make Disciples

The Book of Jonah

1 – Unyielding Grace

2 – Desperate Times Call for Desperate Prayers

3 – God of Second Chances

4 – Choosing Compassion over Comfort


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