Recently I was reading “Leading on Empty: Refilling Your Tank and Renewing Your Passionby Wayne Corderio. A particular section that really resonated with me was about living an intentional life. Based on my experience, we need to continually monitor and be willing to restructure our daily rhythms in an effort to live a life of intentionality.

Wayne suggests that the following daily disciplines are non-negotiables to living a purposeful life:

Prayer – Always spend at least a few minutes in prayer to connect your soul with God’s heart.

Exercise – Do some amount of exercise everyday, even if it is a regimen of core exercises in the privacy of your own living room.

Planning – Take time to plan your day, your month, and prepare your heart for the people and tasks you are about to encounter.

Reading – Read something everyday. It could be a magazine or a book of choice in order to increase your knowledge, give you fresh ideas, and renew your interest in life.

Devotions – Never allow the day to swallow up your personal time with God.

I have found that living these daily rhythms keep me balanced and healthy. They also help me to experience a life with abundance and without regret.

What are the daily rhythms that keep your tank full and your passions renewed?

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