The fact that God created the universe doesn’t surprise me. Isn’t that what God does? He creates moons & stars, planets & solar systems. He gives life. He redeems mankind. He heals sickness. He causes the sun to rise & commands the oceans to stop. He authors love. These are all God sized jobs.

The greatest mystery to me is the fact that God concerns himself with the small stuff of our lives. Take the time Jesus turned water into wine. Many would say that God shouldn’t be in the wine making business. He’s got bigger and better things to concern Himself with…not to mention the guest at the party had already had their fair share to drink. But Jesus steps in to bring enjoyment to the guests at the party.

Mary simply tells Jesus that the wedding is out of wine. She doesn’t force Him to do something about it. She doesn’t command Him to fix the problem. She simply allows space for God to work.

We need to do the same thing…allow God space to work in the small stuff. Too often we don’t even ask because we don’t want to bother God with the details of our lives. Or we demand God to get on our agenda. Or we fill the space for God to work with worry, doubt, and fear.

So, get out of the way. Invite God into the details of your life. Maybe, just maybe He has a miracle in store for you if you’ll just allow Him the space to do it.

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