The Bible is such a unique book in that we should not approach it like we do other books. For example, the Bible was never intended to be simply enjoyed as we would enjoy good literature…although there is beauty in the words of the Psalms, the writings of the prophets, and truth of the Gospels. Neither is the Bible simply meant to be listened to like we would listen to a good story…although we may gain knowledge or inspiration by reading through its pages. No, the ultimate purpose of the Bible is that we know Jesus Christ and become like Him in our actions, attitudes, thoughts, speech, and values…the words of the Bible are meant to be lived.

James 1:22 tells us, “Don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves”. Action is required when reading God’s Word. It is simply not enough to read it, we must do what it says. The result of obeying God’s Word is life transformation. The Bible is intended to change our character and transform our lives. As you read the Bible, find out what it has to say to you…and do it.

For most of us, our problem with the Bible is not that we try to understand difficult passages. Our real problem is with obeying the passages we do understand. We let God’s Word go in one ear and out the other without applying it’s principles and practices to our lives. Our culture has shaped us to be talkers. It’s easier to talk about doing something than to actually do it. When it comes to God’s Word we need to turn down the volume of our voices and amplify our actions. James challenges us not to simply hear God’s word, but to be doers as well. Doers are people who inspire, influence, and make a difference. Doers are people that realize that God’s Word demands action.

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