Everyone I know has a big but! Now, I’m not talking about the four letter word that causes us to join the gym in January. No, what I mean is that three letter word that has the ability to shrug off everything that came before it.

Our “buts” usher in all the excuses we make for not pursing our ambitions. How many times have you heard…

  • But we’ve never done it that way before.
  • But I just don’t have enough time.
  • But the people we lead won’t go for it.
  • But the risk is too big.
  • But what happens if we fail.
  • But it won’t be popular.
  • But (insert your own excuse).

“Buts” are anchored in fear and doubt. They stifle what God wants to accomplish in and through his people. “Buts” keep us from leading. They hinder us from pursuing that new venture. They prevent us from taking the leadership risks that could unleash what God has birthed in us. “Buts” delay our dreams, stop us from reaching our goals, stifle our creativity, and blind us to new and innovative solutions.

There was a time when the Israelites sent spies to check out the promised land (Numbers 13). God promised the land. He told the people it was good, that it was a land flowing with milk and honey. He told them it was their land. When the spies returned they reported that everything was true…the land was good, it was flowing with milk and honey. All they had to do was follow God’s plan and take possession of the land. Then one little word changed everything. “But”. “But” was the response of the spies. “But the people are powerful & the cities are fortified.”

Two spies didn’t let the “buts” keep them from God’s dream. Only two spies experienced ALL that God had for them and actually made it to the promised land. Perhaps we’re not reaching our full potential because we have allowed this small word to fill us with fear and doubt. NOW is the time to get off your “but”! What’s your excuse?

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