“So the churches were strengthened in the faith and grew daily in numbers.” Acts 16:5

Healthy churches balance:

  • Discipleship & Evangelism
  • Deeper Walk & Wider Reach
  • Inward Discipline & Outward Influence

You can have both! Your church does not have to compromise one for the other. Yet, far too many churches focus on either growing insiders or reaching outsiders. A church that only focuses on insiders produces a “country club mentality” where outsiders feel unwelcomed. And the result of a church that is only concerned with outsiders is a huge backdoor where insiders are left desiring more. When churches have this either/or approach the outcomes are either…

  • Deep believers & no converts
  • Many coverts & no disciples

The purpose of the church is to focus on inward discipline & outward influence – at the same time! It’s both/and not either/or. They are growing up and reaching out simultaneously. And the result will be same as Acts 16:5…your people will be “strengthened in their faith” & your church will “grow larger in numbers”.

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