Genesis 12

God promised to give Abram a great land, to make Abram’s descendants a great nation, and to anoint Abram with a great name that would be a blessing for generations to come.

God made these three promises on one condition…that Abram would give up his present reality. In order to experience God’s blessing, Abram had to leave so he could receive.

Abram had to take the risk of faith to realize God’s favor. He knew the blessing & promises of God would not come if he didn’t first take action. So he put his faith into practice and left his present home for his future promise. He left the familiar for the unfamiliar, the known for the unknown. “So Abram left…”

I wonder how many times we miss out on God’s blessing because we are unwilling to step out of our comfort zone? We want God’s favor, we even ask Him to bless our families, our careers, our finances, and our lives…but we don’t want to leave where we are to get to where He wants us to be.

Sometimes, in order to receive God’s future promises you have to leave your present reality behind.

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