There’s nothing like a lazy day. You know those days when you do nothing but lay around, read some books & just chill out. My wife and I spent last weekend in the North Georgia mountains celebrating our anniversary and we had two days when we basically did nothing. It was great!

We all love days like that…days that we don’t have to do anything. We love them so much that artist write songs about the fact that today they’re not doing anything. Companies have even developed a line of “clothing” that’s specifically designed for those lazy days.

It all started with the Snuggie. But now we’ve gotten so lazy that you can order one of these…

Do we really crave comfort and convenience so much that we have to wear clothes with zippered “hatches” in the front and back “for great escapes when duty calls.”?

Now, the problem isn’t having a relaxing day. Our problem is that we carry this desire for comfort and convenience into our spiritual lives.
In other words, we begin to play it safe when it comes to following Jesus. We never rock the boat. We don’t have to change anything about our lives to follow Jesus. We never really encounter the life transforming power of God! And the result is that our faith becomes boring. The only dangerous thing about having a safe faith is boredom!

I believe God is calling His Church to leave behind our comfort and convenience and start living a dangerous faith. He’s calling us to attempt things that only God can accomplish. He’s calling us to pray bold prayers…to share Christ boldly…to risk everything to reach people that are far from Him. He’s calling His Church to change the world!

Jesus didn’t die to make us safe!

That’s why the most dangerous thing we can do is play it safe.

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