I was reading through Genesis 3 the other day. The thing that stands out to me is that temptation begins with a question. The question comes in many different forms: Did God really say “no” to this? What will it hurt? Who will it hurt? Why can’t I do it?

If we don’t deal with the questions, the same process that happened to Adam and Eve will happen to us:

Questions raise Doubt

Doubt produces Deception

Deception changes Perspective

Perspective increases Desire

Desire leads to Action

Action results in Shame

Shame causes Cover-up

Cover-up forces Hiding

Thankfully, God offers redemption and forgiveness when we cross the line between desire & action.

3 thoughts on “The Genesis of Temptation

  1. Love it bro. Sometimes I get hit with the ‘doubt’. Doubting my talents and purpose and then Satan rushes in trying to confuse me. He likes to sneak in and whisper in our ear through all of these phases. Both of my ears… belong to God.

    Thanks for the reminder my friend.


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