Often times we think that the most influential people are the ones in the spotlight. We have this idea that leadership is reserved for CEO’s, Senators, or perhaps Megachurch Pastors. After all, how can you have significant influence and remain behind the scenes?

My 95-year-old grandmother, Loy Echols, was laid to rest on Saturday, June 2nd. As I listened to the outpouring of people that came to pay their last respects, I was reminded that some of the most influential people are often those that never take the stage or stand in the spotlight.

As story after story was told about how my grandmother inspired people, loved people, and served people it became apparent that she truly impacted 100’s of lives. She lived an influential life and leaves behind a great legacy marked by her devotion to God that resulted in her sacrificial service of others. It caused me to think about the fact that real leadership is when those closest to you fully respect you and are moved to love more, serve more, and give more because of the example they see in you.

Questions: Who has influenced you and remained behind the scenes? What does real leadership look like to you? You can leave a comment below.

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