Nicole and I knew early on in our marriage that adoption was going to be a part of our journey.

Nicole was raised in a family with an older adopted brother, so very early in her life she knew she wanted to adopt a child one day. I was first exposed to orphans in the early 90ʼs while spending a summer in Shanghai, China. It was during those college years that I began to have a burden to adopt. So when we got married, it seemed natural that we would adopt a child one day.

What about you? Are you considering adoption? Are you wondering if adoption is a good fit for your family? If so, check out They provide tons of resources to guide you through the adoption process. Everything from information about international or domestic adoption to how to make it work financially.

If you’re remotely thinking about adoption, allow The Adoption Journey to break down the barriers to adoption. I wish we had these resources four years ago when we adopted our daughter.

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