The Bible is God’s story to us. It’s not boring, but sometimes we make it that way in our preschool and elementary ministries by simply reading straight from the pages of our curriculum.

Tell the Bible Story, Don’t Read It. The way a story is written by publishers is not necessarily the way you need to tell it to your kids. Instead of reading the story…understand the concepts, study the principles, and then paint a picture for your kids’ imagination by telling the story in your own words.

Cultivate Curiosity With Your Kids. Preschoolers will pay attention as long as their curiosity is up. Once they lose interest in what you are saying they will focus their attention on something else, like snack time or when their parents will come and pick them up. The more time you spend working on your lesson, the less time you will lecture your class. The less time you lecture your class, the more they will actually learn.

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