How unchurched is America? It really all depends on how you define “unchurched”. Here is an interesting infograph from Warren Bird and the Leadership Network. Leave comments below and let me know your thoughts on these findings.


2 thoughts on “Unchurched in America

  1. Interesting stats here Eric but I wonder how this stat is defining Church? I guess its going into a physical building to fellowship with others. I know that I used to be there even after growing up in Church. I do love my Church home and my small group and Its our duty to help more people get to connect with God.


  2. To say that unchurched means that one hasn’t attend a religious service of any kind in one year is-to say the least-ridiculous. Does anyone really believe that if someone attends a religious service twice annually is churches? You gotta be kidding me! I believe an individual is unchurched if they attend a worship service less than once every six weeks.


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