Volunteers are the key to any healthy church. Let me offer a few reasons why people say yes to volunteering in spite of their busy lives. This isn’t an exhaustive list but it offers a few key points of why people volunteers.

    • They trust you.
    • They believe in the vision of the church.
    • They have relationship with you or someone else on the team.
    • They want to make new friends.
    • They desire to be involved in the church.
    • They want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.
    • They like being part of a winning team.
    • They have a serving heart.
    • They have a passion for the ministry.
    • They have a need to be useful.
    • They want to use their gifts and talents.
    • They have a desire to be connected to something of meaning.
    • They desire to please God.
    • They want to help the ministry succeed.
    • They want to have fun.
    • You asked them.

What you would add to the list?

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