What do Americans believe about the Bible? How does it shape and influence their lives. Here are the latest findings from the American Bible Society.

Some of their key findings are:

    • 1 in 6 people reported buying a copy of the Bible in the last year
    • 80% of Americans identify the Bible as sacred
    • Americans have plenty of copies at their fingertips—with an average of 4.4 Bibles per household
    • 56% of adults believe the Bible should have a greater role in U.S. society
    • But actual Bible reading and perceptions about the Bible have become increasingly polarized, with 6 million new Bible Antagonists in the last year alone
    • More than half (57%) of those ages 18-28 report reading the Bible less than three times a year or never

I also wonder how the recent “Bible” series on the History channel would effect the numbers if the survey occurred today. What do you think? Has the series generated more interest in the Scriptures over the past 5 weeks? What surprises you about the findings below? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

bible in 2013

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