Do you ever find yourself playing with your kids but thinking about work? I know I have. As a pastor, there have been times when I’ve been so preoccupied with thinking about the church that I’ve missed out on golden opportunities with my family.

Apparently, many pastors feel like the ministry is getting in the way of their families. I recently read that 80% of pastors feel that ministry has negatively affected their family. While I personally do not feel this way at all…I can see how pastors fall into the trap of putting their ministry before their family. After all, it is the “Lord’s work”.

But the truth of the matter is: You cannot effective lead the church until you’ve effectively led your family.

Remember, no one reaches the end of their life saying, “I wish I had spent more time working at the church.” You only get one shot at raising your kids and being the husband your wife needs. Make it count!

In tomorrow’s post, I’ll set out the boundaries I’ve created to put my family before my ministry.

3 thoughts on “Lead Your Family First

  1. This is such an important topic. A leader must be able to lead their family and lead them first if they are going to influence those around them.


  2. – sometimes, I feel like they intneved all these different color belts to make more money I remember in Korea (many many years ago) there were only white, yellow, red, and black belts .where did brown, green, blue, and all these other color come from?!


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