LeadershipThere are over 463 million results on google when you search “Leadership Development”. So why do so many churches struggle with a shortage of well equipped leaders?

I believe we have a shortage of leaders because we are constantly searching for a magic bullet when it comes to developing leaders. There’s something in the wiring of ministry leaders to be on the look out for the right program, the latest curriculum, or the newest conference to equip people for ministry.

If you’re looking for the magic bullet for developing leaders in your church…look no further. The Magic Bullet is YOU!

Leaders develop leaders. You are the best resource to develop leaders in your sphere of influence. The skills need to lead others are not just taught, they are caught.

And the best delivery system for developing leaders will always be when a leader passes on what he or she has learned to a potential leader. Because the most effective leadership development is done in the context of relationships…that makes YOU the magic bullet for developing your leaders.

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