Each week kids and students show up at our churches looking for connection. We can offer the best programs, teach the best curriculum, and provide the best worship experience week in and week out but miss out on making a difference because we haven’t fostered relationships in our next gen ministries.

Never underestimate the power of human connection. It is relationships in our children’s and student ministries that make all the difference in our churches…not programs or curriculum.

We have to ask ourselves, are we training our volunteers to connect with students or are we training them to teach a certain curriculum in a certain way. Obviously, what you teach and how you teach is a critical part of effective ministry to children and students. But I would argue that connection is more important than teaching when it comes to reaching the next generation.

Kids and students may never remember what you taught them…but they will forever be changed if you connect with them. It is through connection that we leave a legacy in the next generation.

I encourage you to spend 7 minutes and watch this inspiring TED talk. While the topic is education, I believe the principles equally apply to ministry. Enjoy!

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