Here are the top 10 most clicked and re-tweeted leadership post from my twitter feed this week. They include a lot of great insight for church leaders. Check out these articles and allow them to grow you as a leader. Enjoy!

  1. What your church can learn about meetings from Google by Justin Lathrop
  2. How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge by George Hamel & Polly LaBarre
  3. Permission Granted! by Cliff Atfield
  4. Is it Better To Be a Manager or Leader? by Jenni Catron
  5. The Most Overlooked Leadership Skill by Peter Bregman
  6. 7 Tips When the Team is Struggling to Succeed by Ron Edmondson
  7. 11 Guidelines for Multisite Central Staff When Visiting Campuses by Rich Birch
  8. Should the Church Be Asking the Same 6 Questions as J.Crew? by Tony Morgan
  9. Can a Manager be a Coach? by Dan McCarthy
  10. When Vision Fails by Thomas McDaniels


What additional posts would you add to the list?

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