Here are the top 10 most clicked and re-tweeted leadership post from my twitter feed this week. They include a lot of great insight for church leaders. In this list you’ll find principles for creating raving fans of your church and advice on selecting and developing your team. Check out these articles and allow them to grow you as a leader. Enjoy!

  1. 10 Easy Ways To Know You’re Not A Leader by Tony Morgan
  2. 6 Traps Leaders Fall Into When They Don’t Like What They See by Carey Nieuwhof
  3. 7 Biblical Tests For Christians And Music by Ed Stetzer
  4. 6 Things Leaders Must Do To Be More Creative by Brian Dodd
  5. 5 Easily-Copied Traits of an Excellent Leader by Paul Spiegelman
  6. 4 Big Mistakes Churches Make on Social Media by Justin Lathrop
  7. Why Your Team Matters More Than You by Ilya Pozin
  8. How To Create A Disney-Like Addiction To Your Company by Fast Company
  9. 5 Questions To Help Leaders Select Team Members by Thom Rainer
  10. Action Always Beats Intention by Daniel Decker


Is there anything you’ve read this week that should be added to the list?

3 thoughts on “Leadership in 140 Characters

  1. Eric,

    Thank you for RTing my post. I love your site and it’s great to be included with the incredible writers you have listed above.

    Keep up the great work!



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