commitmentIs your team stuck in a cycle of discussing issues but never making decisions? You can tell that your stuck in this cycle when you talk about a problem, come up with a solution…only to have the person in charge “decide” not to take action. Then you find yourself in deja-vu when you sit in another meeting to talk about the same problem, same solutions, which result in the same indecision.

Over the course of my ministry, I’ve been on church staffs that have been stuck in the inability to commit to a course of action. We sit in meeting after meeting and talk about what we ought to do, what we should do, and what we need to do. The problem is that we never got the point where we actually DO.

I believe that the root of indecision is a commitment issue. It is fair to say that we will not do anything of value if we are not committed to it. When teams lack commitment, they tend to have a fear of failure which results in making excuses and delaying decisions. Teams that lack commitment tend to revisit the decision again and again instead of embracing the decision and moving forward.

I have discovered that there are 2 primary enemies of commitment that will stall your team every time:

1. Consensus
Complete agreement is nearly impossible. When a leader attempts to gain consensus before making a decision, the result will be indecision.
Consensus is not the same as creating a culture where everyone has a voice. Good leaders do consider everyone’s ideas. Team members want to know that their opinions have been heard and considered. Sensible team members do not need to get their way to support a decision. Meetings should set out to have healthy debate and an exchange of ideas. Just know that leaders must make decisions, even when everyone doesn’t agree.
Seeking consensus will stifle commitment.

2. Certainty
You can’t wait for complete certainty before making a decision. The only thing you can be certain of is that leadership requires risk. Waiting for certainty will create an environment where nothing gets done and paralysis will set in on your staff.
Your idea may not work. That’s just a fact of life. But know that a decision is better than no decision at all. It is better to make commit to a bold decision and be wrong…then course correct…than it is to waffle on your decisions as a team. No one wants to follow a waffling leader.

In effective teams, commitment is never questioned. Not everyone in the team may agree with decision, but once the decision is made, an effective team is committed to the decision.

2 thoughts on “2 Enemies of Commitment That Stall Your Team

  1. Absolute truth, Eric! These teams generally lack a strong leader who will take the proverbial bull by the horns; say, “Let’s do it;” and then start handing out assignments for people to accomplish the goal. (This is why I hated group work in school.)


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