Here are the top 10 most clicked and re-tweeted post from my twitter feed for the past TWO weeks. These posts deal with everything from reaching millennials to why people are leaving our churches. It’s is well worth your time to check out these posts. Enjoy!

  1. 5 Lessons for Church Communications from Shark Week by Rich Birch
  2. The Ugliest Churches in the World by Nicholas G. Hahn III
  3. 3 Big Reasons People Leave Your Church by Dan Reiland
  4. 10 Ways To Create Churches Angry Millennials Love To Attend by Brian Dodd
  5. 10 Things Pastors Like Least About Their Jobs by Thom Rainer
  6. 3 Ways to Stop the Naysayers by Artie Davis
  7. 5 Epidemics the Mainline Churches Must Address by Carey Nieuwhof
  8. The Power of the Word “Yet” by Ben Casnocha
  9. 4 Ways You Can Create A Leadership Presence by Joseph Lalonde
  10. Succeeding While Doing the Wrong Thing by Scott Williams


Here are some bonus post worth reading as well:

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