It all started a couple of weeks ago when our oldest son began to be more thirsty than usual. We didn’t think much of it. Figured it was just another growth spurt. Boy were we wrong.

My mom called a little over 8 hours ago, just as Nicole and I were landing at the Atlanta airport after a trip to our (soon to be) new home in Tampa. She told us that Samuel (our 11 year old) was really sick and that she was going to take him to the emergency room.

Today our oldest son’s life changed forever. As soon as the ER doctor saw him, he was confident that he had Type 1 diabetes. After checking his blood sugar, his diagnosis was confirmed. They immediately had him transported to the Children’s Hospital in Macon, GA and admitted him to the pediatric ICU. We have been told that he has ketoacidosis and his blood sugar was over 700.

After a few hours of insulin drip, his levels have dropped below 300 and he is finally resting. Amidst all the poking and prodding, Samuel has been amazing. He is one strong kid! No crying, no complaining…not even when they started his IV. God knew he would be strong enough to handle all of this.

God is also strengthening Nicole and I. During this past season of our lives, He has been teaching us both about dependance. In retrospect, He was preparing us for this day.

And God continues to prove himself faithful! From the quick response of my parents…to the fast action of the ER doctor…and the amazing staff in PICU…God’s hand is all over this. Yes, it’s going to be hard. Yes, we are going to have our challenges. Yes, Samuel is going to be just fine! God continues to be our sustainer and provider. We know that no matter what we face, He will NEVER leave us nor forsake us. We are simply depending on Him every moment of the day.

Thanks for your continued prayers for our family as we embark on this new chapter of our journey.

12 thoughts on “A New Day…

  1. Matt was diagnosed with t1d at age 15. Just short of ketoacidosis – bg>800. In
    Hospital only 24 hrs & giving his own
    Injections from day 1. Samuel is blessed with a huge fellowship &
    Family in Christ. Our prayers are with
    You. How amazing you will be in
    Tampa, only 1hr from Leesburg.
    Beth is a CDE, with lots of experience prof & personal. We’re in BC, Canada but upon return would love to help out & share. Beware of non type 1 “specialists” with well meaning tips that are not appropriate for type1’s. stick with the endos & CDE’s. Will have
    Phone available when back in the
    States. 352-406-6235. So much to share! Hugs to you all – we’re your
    Prayer warriors!
    Aunt Beth & Uncle


    1. We would love to see you all after we move to Tampa. Can’t wait to catch up! I’m sure we will have 100’s of questions for Beth. Enjoy your time in BC. We will talk once you get back. My email is


    1. Brian, thank you so much for the prayers. Samuel’s doing really well adjusting to his new normal. Let me know if you’re ever in Tampa!


  2. Eric,

    I’m a father of not one, but two type-1 boys (ages 10 and 7; diagnosed at ages 3 and 6). Grandparents all live in the Tampa area, so we make it down there once or twice a year. You probably have a great support team already, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.


    1. Josh, thanks for your willingness to help. The support and encouragement we’ve experienced this past week has been amazing.
      Next time your in Tampa, stop by South Tampa Fellowship.


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