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  • Beatitudes: Character Leads to Conduct

    I was reading through Jesus’ sermon on the mount and discovered a connection between the Beatitudes and the remainder of the chapter. Jesus shows our character leads to conduct. Jesus begins the sermon with the Beatitudes – they show us who we […] Read More

  • Here’s Your Sign: Why Churches Need Good Signage

    Last week, my wife and I took our kids to Six Flags over Georgia. It reminded me of comedian, Bill Engvall, and his “Here’s your sign” bit. The park is divided up into multiple areas that each have their own specific attractions. […] Read More

  • Who are you investing in?

    Who are you investing in? As church leaders, we often define our success by the crowds we attract. We long to impact as many people as possible. We desire to lead the largest ministry in town. We are energized by a packed […] Read More

  • Stop Making the Bible Boring

    Stop Making the Bible Boring

    We owe it to the next generation to stop making the Bible boring! The Bible is God’s story to us. And it is anything but boring. Unfortunately, we sometimes make the Bible boring in the way we lead our preschool and elementary […] Read More

  • 5 Prostitutes & An Invitation…Updated

    This post is an update to a post I wrote yesterday about five women that were in such a desperate situation that they selling their bodies to provide food and shelter for their children. Through the power of an invitation, all 5 […] Read More

  • 5 Prostitutes & an Invitation

    For the past couple of days I’ve been traveling around to different villages in Jinja, Uganda with a ministry called “God is Grace”. God is Grace is a ministry of compassion where women are supported for one year while they learn a […] Read More

  • Love is an action

    Love is an action

    “Love is an action” – a simple yet profound truth that encapsulates the heart of our spiritual journey. It is imperitive that we come to understand that love is not merely a sentiment but a dynamic force that propels us into meaningful […] Read More

  • Three Leadership Lessons from Marvel’s: The Avengers

    Three Leadership Lessons from Marvel’s: The Avengers

    Team work is hard work. Here are 3 principles from The Avengers that every team needs to hear. Read More

  • Living Sacrifice

    In view of who God is and what God has done for us (based on our theology), we are to present our bodies to God as a sacrifice (how we live practically)… Read More

  • Influence and Leadership Without the Spotlight

    Often times we think that the most influential people are the ones in the spotlight. We have this idea that leadership is reserved for CEOs, Senators, or perhaps Megachurch Pastors. After all, how can you have significant influence and leadership while remaining […] Read More

  • How Reinforcement Builds Retention in Children’s Ministry

    Have you ever finished teaching a lesson to the kids at your church and thought, “are they really getting it”? Do you ever get the feeling that week in and week out, the kids in your children’s ministry aren’t remembering a thing […] Read More

  • The #1 Thing We Do In Our Role As Parents

    My three children are fascinated with animals. Recently we checked out a book about baby animals that was full of amazing facts about all kinds of creatures. One of the discoveries that I found most interesting had to do with baby ducks […] Read More

  • A Proven Strategy to Partner with Parents

    We would all agree that parents and the church play a significant role in the spiritual development of the next generation. Scripture is clear that the parents are the primary spiritual developers of their children. It is also clear that the body […] Read More

  • Great Leaders Are Strategic Thinkers

    Great leaders are strategic thinkers! Your ability to think strategically can separate you from the pack. But being a great thinker doesn’t mean that you have to always think “out of the box.” Learning to think strategically gives you a competitive advantage. […] Read More

  • Raising World Changers

    This week, I’ve been at the Orange Conference…a gathering of leaders that minister to the next generation. On Thursday morning, Craig Groeschel taught on his values for raising children to be world changers. Let’s discover three principles for raising world changers. He […] Read More

  • Building Blocks of a Successful Children’s Ministry

    Growing up my dad was a contractor, so I have been around construction sites my entire life. One thing my dad always taught me was that the success of the building was determined by its foundation. The same principle applies to building […] Read More


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