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  • Raising World Changers

    This week, I’ve been at the Orange Conference…a gathering of leaders that minister to the next generation. On Thursday morning, Craig Groeschel taught on his values for raising children to be world changers. Let’s discover three principles for raising world changers. He […]

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  • Gotcha Day!

    April 1st is no longer “April Fools Day” in our family; it is our daughter’s “Gotcha Day”! Before we even started dating, Nicole and I dreamed of adopting a child. Four years ago today, our dream came true when we met our […]

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  • What to do with Santa Claus?

    What to do with Santa Claus?

    It’s that time of year…time when many parents struggle with what to tell their kids about Santa. Honestly, my wife and I wrestled with what we were going to do about Santa at the beginning of our parenting journey. When our first […]

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