Hearing From God

The Bible is to our spirit what food is to our body! If we don't regularly take God’s Word into our minds, hearts, and spirits we WILL starve spiritually. There are far too many malnourished Christians who rarely, if ever, read God’s Word…other than Sunday morning at church. It’s no wonder our spiritual lives lack … Continue reading Hearing From God

State of the Bible in 2013

What do Americans believe about the Bible? How does it shape and influence their lives. Here are the latest findings from the American Bible Society. Some of their key findings are: 1 in 6 people reported buying a copy of the Bible in the last year 80% of Americans identify the Bible as sacred Americans … Continue reading State of the Bible in 2013

Change From The Inside Out

What we seek and what we think ultimately determine who we are. Here’s how this principle works: Our thoughts shape our desires. Our desires direct our pursuits. Our pursuits determine who we are. So, if we want to change who we are becoming we have to begin by changing what we are pursuing. To change … Continue reading Change From The Inside Out

Willpower is Powerless

Reading in Psalm 51 today, I noticed a part of a verse I’ve overlooked before. "Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit,to sustain me." ~ Psalms 51:12 The truth is we can’t change. We cannot muster the willpower to stop sins power in our lives. This can only come … Continue reading Willpower is Powerless