Being Before Doing

All leaders want to produce results. They want to achieve their goals and take their organization to the next level. But great leaders don’t think of leadership in terms of doing alone. They know that it’s so much more than that. Leadership is not just something you do; it’s something you are. As leaders, our … Continue reading Being Before Doing

Shortcuts Lead To A Long Road

Taking shortcuts in life comes with a price. Sure, cutting corners may bring about short term gain but they always result in long term pain. Hard work, sacrifice, and discipline all take time and effort to develop. There is no substitute for preparation and execution when it comes to accomplishing your goals and being successful. … Continue reading Shortcuts Lead To A Long Road

Change From The Inside Out

What we seek and what we think ultimately determine who we are. Here’s how this principle works: Our thoughts shape our desires. Our desires direct our pursuits. Our pursuits determine who we are. So, if we want to change who we are becoming we have to begin by changing what we are pursuing. To change … Continue reading Change From The Inside Out

You Can’t Reproduce What You Don’t Produce

One of the truths I discovered early in my ministry was that I could not reproduce what I wasn’t already producing in my personal life. I can’t teach a Biblical truth that I’m not living out myself. I can’t lead people where I’m not prepared to go myself. I can’t ask people to do what … Continue reading You Can’t Reproduce What You Don’t Produce