Tag: Discipleship

  • Love…Upward, Inward, And Outward

    Currently, I’m teaching a series at Freedom Bible Church called “Like Jesus.” As followers of Jesus…our Biblical mandate is to imitate Him. We are called to walk like Jesus, think like Jesus, and act like Jesus. Thankfully, the Gospels show us a […]

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  • Live Like Christ

    I was reading J. I. Packer’s devotional, Knowing God’s Purpose For Your Life, the other day and thought I’d share his thoughts on our call to live like Christ. “In Christ believers are involved in a process of character change. The Holy […]

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  • Spiritual Rhythms are Necessary for Spiritual Growth: Creating Spiritual Rhythms

    As followers of Christ, we must take personal responsibility to grow in our relationship with God. The truth is that spiritual growth doesn’t just happen. It involves the intentional practice of spiritual rhythms to help you connect with God on a regular […]

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