Repentance, Faith, and Baptism

In the early days of the Church, on the day of Pentecost, something remarkable happened. The Apostle Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, delivered a powerful sermon that penetrated the hearts of those who heard it. In Acts 2:37-41, Peter emphasizes that the appropriate response to the Gospel is to repent and be baptized. But … Continue reading Repentance, Faith, and Baptism

The Connection between Patience and Faith

We've all heard the saying that patience is a virtue. As followers of Jesus, we know that patience is a fruit of the Spirit. But how many of us actually find it easy to practice? It can be tough waiting for something we really want or going through a difficult situation, but those moments are … Continue reading The Connection between Patience and Faith

You Can’t Stay Where You Are And Go With God

"Once you come to believe God, you demonstrate your faith by what you do. Some action is required…. You cannot continue life as usual or stay where you are, and go with God at the same time…. To go from your ways, thoughts, and purposes to God’s will always requires a major adjustment. God may … Continue reading You Can’t Stay Where You Are And Go With God

Failed Expectations

Palm Sunday was the peak of Jesus’ popularity. People were shouting for God’s glory and waving palm branches as he rode into Jerusalem. It was a ticker tape parade in honor of this leader, Jesus. It was practically a coronation by popular demand. But, within days, Jesus infuriated the religious leaders, perplexed the Roman authorities … Continue reading Failed Expectations