You Can’t Stay Where You Are And Go With God

"Once you come to believe God, you demonstrate your faith by what you do. Some action is required…. You cannot continue life as usual or stay where you are, and go with God at the same time…. To go from your ways, thoughts, and purposes to God’s will always requires a major adjustment. God may … Continue reading You Can’t Stay Where You Are And Go With God

Failed Expectations

Palm Sunday was the peak of Jesus’ popularity. People were shouting for God’s glory and waving palm branches as he rode into Jerusalem. It was a ticker tape parade in honor of this leader, Jesus. It was practically a coronation by popular demand. But, within days, Jesus infuriated the religious leaders, perplexed the Roman authorities … Continue reading Failed Expectations

Leadership in 140 Characters

I read quite a few leadership articles each week and post them to twitter. The following links got the most clicks this week. Check them out for some great insight into leading your team and leading yourself. Enjoy! 4 Suggestions for Developing Trust as a Leader by Ron Edmondson 5 Common Mistakes Made by Leaders … Continue reading Leadership in 140 Characters