Leadership in 140 Characters

Everything rises and falls on leadership. Growing as a leader is essential if you want your church or organization to get to the next level. Below are the top 10 leadership post I read this week. These posts deal with attracting leaders, how to mentor them, and then unleashing them by not micromanaging them. Also, … Continue reading Leadership in 140 Characters

5 Types of Church Cultures

I’ve been reading “Cracking Your Church’s Culture Code: 7 Keys to Unleashing Vision & Inspiration” by Samuel Chand. In his book, Dr. Chand lists 5 types of organizational cultures found in churches. Based on my experience over the years, I’ve seen these characteristics play out in the culture of healthy churches and churches that aren’t … Continue reading 5 Types of Church Cultures

The Art of Delegation

News flash…there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish all that you want to get done! This leaves you with two alternatives: you can attempt to work non-stop or you can learn the art of delegation. Early in my career, I chose to try to work non-stop. Obviously this approach is not sustainable. No … Continue reading The Art of Delegation