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  • Obedience to the Will & Word of God

    At the end of Jesus’ famous Sermon on the Mount, He ends the message with a call to action. Jesus reminds us that it’s not enough to know truth; truth must be put into practice.  Jesus says there are two paths; one is wide […]

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  • Legalism Kills…

    Legalism is the religion of human achievement. It is when we exchange our relationship with Jesus for our own rules and rituals. Legalism takes the focus off of what God has done for us and puts the focus on what we have […]

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  • Love is an action

    Love is an action

    “Love is an action” – a simple yet profound truth that encapsulates the heart of our spiritual journey. It is imperitive that we come to understand that love is not merely a sentiment but a dynamic force that propels us into meaningful […]

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