Hard Work of Reconciliation

The book of Philemon is the shortest letter written by Paul. It is a personal letter that Paul wrote to his friend, Philemon. The letter was written to reconcile the broken relationship between Philemon and Onesimus and it serves as a handbook on reconciliation. The reality is that if we want deep, lasting, and meaningful … Continue reading Hard Work of Reconciliation

#2 – Is Your Spouse Invisible?

How often do you tell your wife she is beautiful or your husband that he is handsome? Do your eyes still light up with they walk in the room? Or does your spouse feel invisible? As a pastor, I talk to far too many marriages that are struggling and in trouble. These couples start out … Continue reading #2 – Is Your Spouse Invisible?

The Power of Human Connection

Each week kids and students show up at our churches looking for connection. We can offer the best programs, teach the best curriculum, and provide the best worship experience week in and week out but miss out on making a difference because we haven't fostered relationships in our next gen ministries. Never underestimate the power … Continue reading The Power of Human Connection

The Magic Bullet For Developing Leaders

There are over 463 million results on google when you search “Leadership Development”. So why do so many churches struggle with a shortage of well equipped leaders? I believe we have a shortage of leaders because we are constantly searching for a magic bullet when it comes to developing leaders. There’s something in the wiring … Continue reading The Magic Bullet For Developing Leaders