Repentance, Faith, and Baptism

In the early days of the Church, on the day of Pentecost, something remarkable happened. The Apostle Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, delivered a powerful sermon that penetrated the hearts of those who heard it. In Acts 2:37-41, Peter emphasizes that the appropriate response to the Gospel is to repent and be baptized. But … Continue reading Repentance, Faith, and Baptism


This is an unprecedented one anticipated celebrating THIS DAY in our pajamas at home. And while we couldn’t have predicted a pandemic: none of it caught God by surprise! While we don’t desire to spend Easter sheltered in place...I can’t think of a better time for the HOPE found in the message of Easter. … Continue reading IT IS FINISHED!

Why We Love Underdogs

It's been a blast watching Florida Gulf Coast make March Madness history. Over the weekend they became the only 15 seed in NCAA history to reach the sweet 16. Even though their run in the tournament has ruined everyones bracket, we all love cheering for the underdog. There's nothing like seeing a team win when … Continue reading Why We Love Underdogs