Ministry is not a solo sport [Quote]

God would never have given us the great Commission—to go into all the world and preach the gospel—if He never had intended for us to actually move forward. We are called into this great work, but none of us can do it alone. No pastor can single-handedly fulfill such a calling, regardless of how gifted he … Continue reading Ministry is not a solo sport [Quote]

Productive Conflict

"Productive conflict" seems like an oxymoron to most teams. If you’re anything like me, the words “productive” and “conflict” don’t seem like they should even be in the same sentence, unless, of course, that sentence reads something like: “Conflict is not productive.” But think about it, all great relationships...the ones that last for the long … Continue reading Productive Conflict

3 Keys to Empowering Your Team

Your organization will never reach its full potential until you turn your people loose to do the job. The 3 keys to empowering your team are: responsibility, authority, and accountability. It begins with releasing responsibility. This first step is often the easiest. But once you give away responsibility, you have to fight the temptation to … Continue reading 3 Keys to Empowering Your Team

There Is An “I” In Team

We’ve all heard it said, “There is no “I” in team”. But contrary to the popular sports cliche…there is an “I” in team. Teams are made up of individuals. Each individual brings with them different strengths, talents, and abilities. When a coach or leader can leverage each persons talents for the good of the team…great … Continue reading There Is An “I” In Team