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  • How To Restore Our Friendship With God

    How To Restore Our Friendship With God

    The concept of being “reconciled to God,” as mentioned in the Bible, is truly remarkable. It implies friendship with God. The Greek term used for it is “apokatallassō,” derived from the verb “katallassō” which means to change from enmity to friendship and […]

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  • Eating With Sinners

    From the moment Adam & Eve sinned in the garden, men and women have been hiding from God. Then the amazing happens! Jesus comes along, and people no longer run FROM Him; they run TO Him. A big part of this was […]

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  • Legalism Kills…

    Legalism is the religion of human achievement. It is when we exchange our relationship with Jesus for our own rules and rituals. Legalism takes the focus off of what God has done for us and puts the focus on what we have […]

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